About Me

Writing is power.

The written word has always felt like home to me. In reading, I found ideas people around me seemed hesitant to speak. Writers create and share knowledge that reshape their audiences’ understanding of the world.

The core of my work is helping smart people write effectively and with more ease by focusing their attention on the stage of the process where thoughts become words. I’ve been coaching people to write since college—before coaching had its name. Since then, I’ve written for corporations like Apple and Microsoft, authored a middle-grade biography, and won prizes in poetry.

Your writing challenges do not originate in emotional or spiritual blocks. They can be addressed through a combination of clarifying your critical thinking, learning good writing processes, and consistent practice.

My clients are physicians, engineers, and scientists; educators, coaches, psychologists, and social workers; and visual and performing artists (with or without academic training), often with a solid track record of writing and even publication.

In courses, I share prompts, exercises, and strategies people can try on to find the specific, unique intellectual and creative territory where the most meaningful and powerful writing happens—otherwise known as “finding their voice.” In private coaching, I help people develop a functioning, dynamic relationship between the process for organizing ideas and the process of composing texts. I read and speak at a variety of literary and leadership development events.

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