My writing coaching is modeled on sports and performing arts coaching. I work with writers who are highly motivated to increase their fluency and range across nonfiction genres. I don’t provide standardized instruction, but neither do I lead you to “your own answers,” as conventional (life, business, career, executive) coaches do. Instead, I act as a consultant on your unique path of growth as a writer, offering help that includes a custom blend of troubleshooting, encouragement, expertise, and referral to resources.

We might be a fit if:

  • You want to publish complex ideas or emotional content to a general audience. 
  • You are already a capable nonfiction writer. You may have written a PhD dissertation or published articles in a specialized field. Maybe you write regularly for business. I can also help creative writers build chops in commercial writing.
  • You’re a self-directed learner looking for someone to help you identify your particular writing strengths, troubleshoot your writing process, and find the resources to level-up.

1- hr. Consultation

Project Analysis

Single 45-minute coaching session

Coaching package (for ongoing clients)


You want people in your life who will help you to think in new, different, and more nuanced ways. My friend Barbara Saunders always has a unique perspective on my work and takes the time to offer detailed comments. (Incidentally, our podcast interview about how we misjudge introverts is one of my most popular.)

Pamela Slim, New York Times bestselling author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work: Finding the Thread that Ties Your Story Together.
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