Ivan Pavlov Exploring the Mysteries of Behavior

Publisher: Enslow January 16, 2006

Author of a middle-grade biography for advanced readers.

Award: Science Books & Films (American Association for the Advancement of Science) BEST BOOKS FOR JUNIOR HIGH & YOUNG ADULTS 2007

“The text is readable while being scholarly enough for research . . . It is well organized and a good length for middle school students . . . Good for research but enjoyable enough for pleasure reading . . . Solid biography for middle school students . . .”

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, January 2007

“. . . an interesting and thorough biography of the famous Russian scientist . . . One strength of this text is that Ivan Pavlov is characterized as a person influenced by his family and his colleagues, not as an isolated entity . . . This book is a useful introduction to classical conditioning.”

Science Books & Films, May/June 2007

No-Regrets Remodeling

Publisher: Home Energy Magazine; Revised and updated second edition (October 7, 2013)

Joined this project at the research stage, analyzing competing titles in the marketplace for organization, look-and-feel, and icon systems. Wrote the chapter on lighting.

“Finally, here’s a book that recognizes energy efficiency as a common sense tool for creating a healthy, happy and permanently affordable home. This is an intelligent and indispensable guide for remodeling projects of any size or budget.  It’s brimming with myth-busting anecdotes that challenge conventional practices, recognize the home as a system and offers a simple outline for turning dreams into reality.”

–Matthew Grocoff, Esq., LEED-GA, LBC Ambassador-Principal, THRIVE Net Zero Energy Collaborative & Host of

“From de-mystification to myth-busting to simple common sense, when it comes to remodeling, No-Regrets Remodeling, 2nd edition, lays it all out in a readable, reassuring way. This is the essential home-improvement guide that not only educates, but also acts as a healthy antidote to the natural anxiety inherent in any remodeling project. Save money, save time, save your relationship, and save your sanity – read NRR2 before you even think of lifting your pencil or hammer to renovate your home.”

–Jeff Wilson, HGTV Host and author of The Greened House Effect

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