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I write, edit, and teach writing as a life skill.


Thinking and prewriting set the stage for the writing process and can make or break the quality of your content. Choose the proper rhetorical situation: who you’re addressing, why, and what you want them to do. Set your writing project along the right path.



Before you can get your words into print or pixels, you have to get what’s in your head into words.  This experimental process can be fun or frightening. You can’t force it — but there are ways to coax it.

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This step can be the most challenging: shaping the words into a format that communicates your intent to readers. In the process, you may have to revisit what you wanted to say in the first place. And you may have to learn new writing skills you didn’t know you needed.

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Presentation matters. Your written content must be clear and as free as possible from factual, stylistic, and mechanical errors. But it must also be findable — published in the right venue, optimized for search engines (if on the web), and effectively and consistently promoted. 

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Thinking About Hiring a Ghostwriter? Read This First.

Thinking About Hiring a Ghostwriter? Read This First.

The topic was timely. “Hot,” even. Nay, “sexy.” The author had a job that lent credibility to his expertise. More than just holding a title, he had garnered awards and press coverage for special projects and achievements. He launched a small consulting practice, landed solid clients of some repute, and was a popular keynote speaker within the industry.

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