Work With Me

As a Writer

I work with organizations on writing projects of extended scale or scope. Some examples:

  • Marketing communications to promote a line of business to multiple customer, channel, or partner segments
  • Information products
  • Blogs
  • Technical documentation
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Sets of fact sheets
  • Newsletters

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As a Developmental Editor or Writing Coach

I help individual authors bring their most cherished ideas and stories into the world. Developmental editing focuses on the text; writing coaching focuses on the creative process. The more complex the project, the more the boundary between those two things shifts throughout the course of a project. My specialty is helping authors navigate that boundary.

As a Career Mentor

I specialize in helping nontechnical independent contributors forge intellectually stimulating business careers. I can advise on job sculpting, entrepreneurship, and the use of writing to convey a unique professional identity.

As an Author

I publish on my blog and LinkedIn Pulse, and I am open to guest blogging opportunities about communicating subject matter expertise in business.

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