An Obligatory Check-In

I’ve been neglecting this blog but for good reason. Started working on some fun and all-consuming projects for Microsoft and planning a move to the North.

Meet the New Boss … Not the Same as the Old Boss?

This suggests an entirely different role for all people in the “socializing” professions – teachers, therapists, managers – that they will be stripped of their charge to enforce rules and extract specific behaviors from people. Instead they will be equal co-creators building environments that others can build in.

Does Politically Driven Language Have an Expiration Date?

This week I picked up a favorite book for a re-read: Aphrodite’s Daughters: Women’s Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul. The ideas still resonate, as do the chapters written in the standard pop psychology language that has been with us since the 1970s. What seemed incredibly dated was the 1990s vintage essentialist feminism: […]

Old School Websites

I’m always surprised to see sites created recently that look as if they were designed in 1995. Independent tables to scroll. Text and photos centered all the way down the page. Ticker tape scroll across the top or bottom of the page – sometimes both. I wonder if what strikes me so hard is the […]

Interpreting a Life – Thoughts on Biography & Autobiography

I posted this originally in LinkedIn Answers, in response to a question about why a writer would “bother” to compose a biography of a person who’d already written an autobiography. I’ve been intrigued by both of these genres since I could read. My thoughts: These two genres create entirely different relationships between author, subject, and […]

Ideas in Search of an Author

If you’ve been a professional writer long enough, you have undoubtedly gotten this request: “I have a great … story … memoir … screenplay, I just need someone to flesh it out.” In the same category are copywriting requests from prospective clients that actually entail devising the entire marketing or communications plan. It’s baffling. But […]

Cocooning in the Cloud

When Faith Popcorn started talking about cocooning, the Internet tools we’re using today were a gleam in someone’s eye. Today I realized I need to set aside a day or two in the coming weeks to coordinate all of my online presences, to make a welcoming cocoon of my virtual world. Right now, my spaces […]

Naked Ladies at the Painted Lady

…is not an accurate description of the event happening downstairs in my house as I write. A group from Southern California comes up about three times a year for live artist modeling. This time the theme is pirates – timely. No one is actually naked, though there’s thigh and cleavage in abundance. This time the […]

Paying Forward Some Great Advice

The June 2009 edition of the Mensa Bulletin included a feature called “Trust Me”, a collection of advice. Bernard Kitt, PhD, a psychotherapist wrote: There are three only three things to remember: 1. I will be happy. 2. I will make some money. 3. I will make other people happy. One hundred percent of the […]

$125K Teachers?

People are talking about the Equity Project’s high teacher compensation. By paying $125K salaries plus bonuses, the Project aims to bring “talent” to schools where underprivileged children learn. The most popular arguments for and against this tactic cover some well-tread territory: From: “If we value our kids, teachers should get paid well for the important […]