Embracing the Label “Social Entrepreneur”

After bouncing back and forth between nonprofits and for-profits, I am weary of the false divisions between the sectors. A friend of mine, a long-time nonprofit consultant and former director, remarks that traditional NPOs are on their way out, that “social entrepreneurship” is taking over the sector. I get the sense that social entrepreneurship is […]

The Other Side of the Fence

One of the best things about being the Vice President of the United States has got to be getting to do stuff like getting your picture snapped with Olympic athletes. One of the most exciting things about being an Olympic athlete has got to be having your picture taken with important people like the Vice […]

Happiness is …

being in a situation where the only thing standing between you and the rewards and experiences you desire are shortcomings you recognize and are eager to confront.

Pulling a Geographic

I blog from the air. It’s a slow journey to the location-free, time-free lifestyle I imagined when I was a kid. The technology that enables it is falling into place, though. In the late 1970s, submitting work from an airplane to clients in two states was not possible.

Serious Play

Made the acquaintance of a young senior, a 65-year-old woman. I mentioned this morning that I was on my way to an exercise class. She said that her husband stopped exercising completely when he left the military – and a few years back, died in his early sixties of a heart attack. “So many of […]

On Being a Regular Guy

I stumbled across a blogger who commented (with seeming surprise) that the founder of Google “seemed like a regular guy.” In my experience, many highly successful people come across this way if you meet them in private. People with confidence in themselves seem to leap over the vast middle in most arenas – bad haircuts, […]

Note to My Spin Instructor

The time spent playing air guitar and doing karaoke might have been better spent: checking in with people in the class about their health issues telling people how to set up the bike educating the class about the hand positions leading guided breathing exercises supplying enough information about heart rate zones and how to measure […]

Seattle – So Far, So Good

I can’t help but noticing that the housing situation here in Seattle seems much better than in San Francisco. Is it “cheap”? No, that’s a myth. But it seems people have a relatively easy time finding something affordable, getting into a place that allows pets, and making a home without insane roommate situations.

Six-Word Memoir

Golden Road. No car; I walked.

Getting My Preppie On

I am too cheap to buy the book that contains Carol Bly’s essay, “How Radiation Oncology Almost Made Me a Republican”, but I’ve always been intrigued by the teaser quote from the piece on her Web site: “What makes someone act like a conservative? I finally—these four years later—have figured it out. For those forty-five […]