Resources & Links

Articles and guest blog posts I’ve published around the Web, mostly career and business topics:
“Is the Resume Obsolete?”
“Technophobia – Rankism in Disguise?”
“My Incredible Shrinking F”

Links of interest to writers and authors:
Institute for the Future of the Book
The Op-Ed Project aims to bring more women into the public conversations held in the editorial pages of major news outlets.
Poems, Plays, and Prose: A Guide to the Theory of Literary Genres by Manfred Jahn of the University of Cologne
Descriptive Psychology Institute consists of the Center for Status Dynamic Therapy, the Center for Representing Complex Knowledge, the Center for Complex Organizations, and the Center for Spirituality and Religion. I worked with a couple of the founders at H5 a technology/consulting start-up in San Francisco. Descriptive Psychology provides some fascinating tools for understanding the way people talk about things.