Meet Jenna


I spent some quality time with my neighbor Jenna today. She’s a rescued pit bull, a Canine Good Citizen, and a cancer survivor. Jenna’s spent her life riding rough on the Wheel of Fortune. Scooped from a shelter where she was cowering at the back of a cage, Princess Jenna is the kind of dog that is regarded as dispensable in the conventional model tragically still in force at many shelters around the country.

Her owner is in a summer course, so neighbors, friends, and fans of Jenna are pitching in to give her three daily walks, food and water, and the medications she takes to keep her tumor at bay and to control the eye infections she gets occasionally. Despite her difficult history, Jenna now has the life she deserves — a life worth living.

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  • What a lucky dog. In my perfect world every animal born would have a special job. For some reason that is my job to try to make that a reality. I am trying to write with enough inspiration to advocate effectively for these voiceless ones. Jenna is also a lucky dog because you have been able to do this for her. Your clear prose allows you to help her and other animals to have the life they deserve. This blog will be GREAT! I can learn a lot from your example too. And,if I learn enough,it will multiply the effect of your great story about Jenna! What a lucky dog. Besides, I’d love to have a Princess collar like that too!

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