Another Lens on Careers to Avoid

Many of us suffer from the dilemma of knowing what we don’t want before we know what we do want. That’s not always a bad guide though. I wish I’d considered this criterion for jobs when I started out:

“Never take a job that requires you to do something you’d never do if you weren’t being paid.”

That leaves a lot of things you might do and not like.

My list:
“I would never sit in a chair for more than 3 or 4 hours a day.”
“I would never sit behind a computer screen for more than a couple of hours a day.”
“I would never choose my associates by what colleges they attended or what their job skills are.”

(The latter, I guess, is why I’ve always liked working with customers rather than on internal projects. Even in a corporate setting – the customers are often diverse, as they come at the very least from different industries.)

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