“While I’m Here …”

Twenty years ago, I heard a motivational speaker say that she thought a purposeful way to live was to pick a problem to work on in that would not be solved in your lifetime.

The social entrepreneurship movement has changed this mindset. Fighting the good fight, David and Goliath-style, against problems like “world hunger” once sounded exciting. Now it sounds defeatist. I most admire the people in the world who are determined to take on the problems they believe can be solved if we work diligently at them.

My personal cause – stopping the killing of savable animals in shelters.

Some resources:
No Kill Advocacy Center
The Shelter Pet Project
Maddie’s Fund

Of note: these leaders are not simply joining existing organizations and institutions. The no-kill movement is a coalition of people within the system, people putting pressure on the system and calling it to account, and ordinary people with no “professional” role.

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