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Embracing the Random

I’m joining a cool project, helping a photo-essayist to produce a treatment for HBO. No pay, but I could use the new experience. Who knows where such a thing could lead? Note to self: even before achieving the 4-hour work week, the 40-hour-work week needs to include at least 4 or 5 hours, if not […]

Is College Necessary?

“Is college necessary?” It’s a question that touches a nerve – especially with parents of young adults, people who take great pride in their academic accomplishments, and disgruntled souls paying off hefty student loans with what could have been a house payment while working jobs they don’t like. A recent post at the blog College […]

Not Just a Job – an Adventure

For nearly ten years, my life revolved around my two cats, Marmalade and Luna. Then they were both gone. I decided to make animals my job. Like a good, little academic achiever, I considered a graduate program, pursuing the Animals and Public Policy master’s degree at Tufts. When I perused the list of graduates’ achievements, […]

A Response to Tina Brown’s “The Gig Economy”

In a popular blog post at The Daily Beast, Tina Brown debunks the idea that free agency is an idyllic lifestyle of “freedom” and “variety.” While her points about the stress and uncertainty of this way of working are well-taken, she overlooks one reality: for many people, “gigging”, much like old age, is better than […]