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Embracing the Random

I’m joining a cool project, helping a photo-essayist to produce a treatment for HBO. No pay, but I could use the new experience. Who knows where such a thing could lead? Note to self: even before achieving the 4-hour work week, the 40-hour-work week needs to include at least 4 or 5 hours, if not […]

Pulling a Geographic

I blog from the air. It’s a slow journey to the location-free, time-free lifestyle I imagined when I was a kid. The technology that enables it is falling into place, though. In the late 1970s, submitting work from an airplane to clients in two states was not possible.

On Being a Regular Guy

I stumbled across a blogger who commented (with seeming surprise) that the founder of Google “seemed like a regular guy.” In my experience, many highly successful people come across this way if you meet them in private. People with confidence in themselves seem to leap over the vast middle in most arenas – bad haircuts, […]

Meet the New Boss … Not the Same as the Old Boss?

This suggests an entirely different role for all people in the “socializing” professions – teachers, therapists, managers – that they will be stripped of their charge to enforce rules and extract specific behaviors from people. Instead they will be equal co-creators building environments that others can build in.

Ideas in Search of an Author

If you’ve been a professional writer long enough, you have undoubtedly gotten this request: “I have a great … story … memoir … screenplay, I just need someone to flesh it out.” In the same category are copywriting requests from prospective clients that actually entail devising the entire marketing or communications plan. It’s baffling. But […]

$125K Teachers?

People are talking about the Equity Project’s high teacher compensation. By paying $125K salaries plus bonuses, the Project aims to bring “talent” to schools where underprivileged children learn. The most popular arguments for and against this tactic cover some well-tread territory: From: “If we value our kids, teachers should get paid well for the important […]

Is College Necessary?

“Is college necessary?” It’s a question that touches a nerve – especially with parents of young adults, people who take great pride in their academic accomplishments, and disgruntled souls paying off hefty student loans with what could have been a house payment while working jobs they don’t like. A recent post at the blog College […]

Social Networking on the Job – Goofing Off or Something Else?

Author Howard Rheingold shared an intriguing definition of “social capital” in a video he posted recently. (I don’t know if it’s new or original, but I had not heard it previously.) the ease with which people can get things done without going through institutions Among the things that increasingly fall into that category – substantial […]

Not Just a Job – an Adventure

For nearly ten years, my life revolved around my two cats, Marmalade and Luna. Then they were both gone. I decided to make animals my job. Like a good, little academic achiever, I considered a graduate program, pursuing the Animals and Public Policy master’s degree at Tufts. When I perused the list of graduates’ achievements, […]

Nonprofits and Professionals – Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

I am a member of a lively mailing list populated by people who work in the nonprofit sector in the San Francisco Bay Area. The online community is a project of the regional chapter of the national Young Non Profit Professionals association. The organization aims to improve the sector inside and out, to help it […]