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Seattle – So Far, So Good

I can’t help but noticing that the housing situation here in Seattle seems much better than in San Francisco. Is it “cheap”? No, that’s a myth. But it seems people have a relatively easy time finding something affordable, getting into a place that allows pets, and making a home without insane roommate situations.

Meet the New Boss … Not the Same as the Old Boss?

This suggests an entirely different role for all people in the “socializing” professions – teachers, therapists, managers – that they will be stripped of their charge to enforce rules and extract specific behaviors from people. Instead they will be equal co-creators building environments that others can build in.

Naked Ladies at the Painted Lady

…is not an accurate description of the event happening downstairs in my house as I write. A group from Southern California comes up about three times a year for live artist modeling. This time the theme is pirates – timely. No one is actually naked, though there’s thigh and cleavage in abundance. This time the […]

Not Just a Job – an Adventure

For nearly ten years, my life revolved around my two cats, Marmalade and Luna. Then they were both gone. I decided to make animals my job. Like a good, little academic achiever, I considered a graduate program, pursuing the Animals and Public Policy master’s degree at Tufts. When I perused the list of graduates’ achievements, […]

House Envy

I returned home from my morning cafe break to a near-daily spectacle: a group of tourists gawking at my house. All wearing shorts, apparently under the common, mistaken impression that they would find California weather in San Francisco, they stood at the edge of Alamo Square Park, pointing. As usual, they looked surprised to see […]