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Serious Play

Made the acquaintance of a young senior, a 65-year-old woman. I mentioned this morning that I was on my way to an exercise class. She said that her husband stopped exercising completely when he left the military – and a few years back, died in his early sixties of a heart attack. “So many of […]

Note to My Spin Instructor

The time spent playing air guitar and doing karaoke might have been better spent: checking in with people in the class about their health issues telling people how to set up the bike educating the class about the hand positions leading guided breathing exercises supplying enough information about heart rate zones and how to measure […]

“Athletes teach you …”

When I have time, I’ll compile a list of quotations. Until then, I’ll post them as a I find them. Today’s nugget: “Athletes teach you that behind any kind of confidence is conditioning. And behind any inspiration is hard work. They also teach you that creative decision making — clarity of thought, and composure — […]

A Musclehead’s Take on “Mind-Body” Fitness

Don’t get me wrong — I am all for yoga, Pilates, and dancing, and I believe that facilitating a better relationship between mind and body is of significance for almost every client I encounter (and for me!) However, I’m a bit uncomfortable with the way the use of the term “mind-body” is shaping up. It […]

The Strenuous Life

Time Magazine profiled Teddy Roosevelt in its “The Making of America” series. One of the articles, entitled “The Self-Made Man” described Teddy’s devotion to physical exercise and adventure, his early fascination with the natural sciences, and the way that Roosevelt’s advocacy of the environment reflected these personal passions. Roosevelt is an extreme example. However, the […]

Envisioning the Ideal Work Day

So, if a structured lifestyle is out, what is the configuration of my ideal day? I would characterize it as orderly but in an organic way, not driven by anything as arbitrary as a clock. 1. Synchronization with the sun: When I have the freedom to control my schedule, I wake up when the sun […]

On Structure

I am one of those “creative” people who are drained by conventional, structured work environments. A stock character. We are often told, and can come to believe ourselves, that our need for novelty is purely psychological. Perhaps, though, we have learned that our best energy management strategy is to allow for strong ebbs and flows […]