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The Other Side of the Fence

One of the best things about being the Vice President of the United States has got to be getting to do stuff like getting your picture snapped with Olympic athletes. One of the most exciting things about being an Olympic athlete has got to be having your picture taken with important people like the Vice […]

Happiness is …

being in a situation where the only thing standing between you and the rewards and experiences you desire are shortcomings you recognize and are eager to confront.

Six-Word Memoir

Golden Road. No car; I walked.

An Obligatory Check-In

I’ve been neglecting this blog but for good reason. Started working on some fun and all-consuming projects for Microsoft and planning a move to the North.

Cocooning in the Cloud

When Faith Popcorn started talking about cocooning, the Internet tools we’re using today were a gleam in someone’s eye. Today I realized I need to set aside a day or two in the coming weeks to coordinate all of my online presences, to make a welcoming cocoon of my virtual world. Right now, my spaces […]

Paying Forward Some Great Advice

The June 2009 edition of the Mensa Bulletin included a feature called “Trust Me”, a collection of advice. Bernard Kitt, PhD, a psychotherapist wrote: There are three only three things to remember: 1. I will be happy. 2. I will make some money. 3. I will make other people happy. One hundred percent of the […]

Social Networking on the Job – Goofing Off or Something Else?

Author Howard Rheingold shared an intriguing definition of “social capital” in a video he posted recently. (I don’t know if it’s new or original, but I had not heard it previously.) the ease with which people can get things done without going through institutions Among the things that increasingly fall into that category – substantial […]

Nonprofits and Professionals – Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

I am a member of a lively mailing list populated by people who work in the nonprofit sector in the San Francisco Bay Area. The online community is a project of the regional chapter of the national Young Non Profit Professionals association. The organization aims to improve the sector inside and out, to help it […]

Barbara Ruth Saunders

Please excuse the appearance of this site. For information about writing, editing, and consulting services, visit my portfolio site. Thank you!

A Musclehead’s Take on “Mind-Body” Fitness

Don’t get me wrong — I am all for yoga, Pilates, and dancing, and I believe that facilitating a better relationship between mind and body is of significance for almost every client I encounter (and for me!) However, I’m a bit uncomfortable with the way the use of the term “mind-body” is shaping up. It […]