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Why Blogs Die – and How to Save Yours

I’m guilty. I have started and abandoned more than one blog. This time, it will be different. How can I be so confident? Because I’ve changed my approach: my blog is not a writing project; it’s a publishing project. In recent history, writers and authors (whether literary creators or business communicators) have reached audiences through […]

Is College Necessary?

“Is college necessary?” It’s a question that touches a nerve – especially with parents of young adults, people who take great pride in their academic accomplishments, and disgruntled souls paying off hefty student loans with what could have been a house payment while working jobs they don’t like. A recent post at the blog College […]

Social Networking on the Job – Goofing Off or Something Else?

Author Howard Rheingold shared an intriguing definition of “social capital” in a video he posted recently. (I don’t know if it’s new or original, but I had not heard it previously.) the ease with which people can get things done without going through institutions Among the things that increasingly fall into that category – substantial […]

Not Just a Job – an Adventure

For nearly ten years, my life revolved around my two cats, Marmalade and Luna. Then they were both gone. I decided to make animals my job. Like a good, little academic achiever, I considered a graduate program, pursuing the Animals and Public Policy master’s degree at Tufts. When I perused the list of graduates’ achievements, […]

Nonprofits and Professionals – Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

I am a member of a lively mailing list populated by people who work in the nonprofit sector in the San Francisco Bay Area. The online community is a project of the regional chapter of the national Young Non Profit Professionals association. The organization aims to improve the sector inside and out, to help it […]

A Response to Tina Brown’s “The Gig Economy”

In a popular blog post at The Daily Beast, Tina Brown debunks the idea that free agency is an idyllic lifestyle of “freedom” and “variety.” While her points about the stress and uncertainty of this way of working are well-taken, she overlooks one reality: for many people, “gigging”, much like old age, is better than […]

Talking Sex, Politics, and Religion

Stephen King said, “If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered, anyway.” This quotation is salient to the writer trying to negotiate a social media presence. Professional and business types advise that job seekers and business owners stay away from controversial topics that […]

Donating to Animal Charities … Take a Reasoned Approach

Are animal-related charities on your donation list this year? After Katrina struck, I gave money to two nonprofit organizations – one a large, national one that was a part of the matched giving program at my job; the other a grassroots one. I later learned that both were under investigation for misuse of the funds. […]

Meet Jenna

I spent some quality time with my neighbor Jenna today. She’s a rescued pit bull, a Canine Good Citizen, and a cancer survivor. Jenna’s spent her life riding rough on the Wheel of Fortune. Scooped from a shelter where she was cowering at the back of a cage, Princess Jenna is the kind of dog […]

That Cat!

Since so many people have remarked about the kitty in my profile picture, here’s the story: I took a writing workshop held at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, CA. A uniquely Northern California sort of place, Isis Oasis is a temple to Isis and was called a cat and bird sanctuary. I’m sure “sanctuary” is not […]