The Times Are A-Changin’

WORDS YOUR WAY BLOGA few weeks ago, a Facebook friend cast for sources for an article about interviewing for a job. I answered the call. I worked as a recruiter for a few years, and interviewing was one of my favorite parts of the job. She sent me a set of questions...

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Writing is a Process Not a Procedure

WORDS YOUR WAY BLOGHere’s how I learned to compose a piece in high school: Write an outline Write a rough draft, beginning to end Write one or more additional complete drafts Edit Here’s how I actually write a piece: Write down some notes about the topic Start a draft...

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Freelance Writers: What’s On Your Plate?

WORDS YOUR WAY BLOGthought experiment: You have worked for ten years as a bartender in a restaurant. You’ve saved up some money and you decide to open your own restaurant. Instead of opening a cheap burger joint, a gourmet pizza parlor, or a sushi...

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