Hourly or Project: That’s Not the Question

WORDS YOUR WAY BLOG Google search for “hourly vs project writer” yields 475,000 results. Each method has its fans. The debate has been covered exhaustively. Many experienced writers end up at, “It depends on the project,” and cite their typical...

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The Right Writer for the Job

WORDS YOUR WAY BLOGhear from writers all the time: “My title is ‘writer’ but it’s not really a writing job.” I’ve said it myself. I’ve also heard people who hire writers complain that the writers they hire want to phone it in, or think they’re too...

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The Best Time to Start Is Now

WORDS YOUR WAY BLOG year ago, my neighbor overheard me talking about reading poetry at an open mic. “I write poetry,” he said. “I should go read sometime. I don’t have a working computer. I need to type up the poems.” “You don’t need to type them...

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