How I Work

I’m committed to giving each project the time and, more importantly, the brain power it needs. To accomplish this, my fee structure varies depending on the nature of your project.

By the word

Best for relatively short editorial and intellectual property projects such as articles and white papers. You pay according to the length of your document. The per-word rate varies depending on the complexity, the amount of research or interviewing required, and the time frame.

By the project

Best for projects with a tight scope and a firm budget. Examples include assembling a business plan from content you provide, writing a proposal, or writing content for a specified number of Web pages.

On weekly or monthly retainer

Best for projects that include a variety of tasks that take place over a span of time. For example, if you are simultaneously developing a Web site, a work book, a training program, and an email campaign, the most effective way for us to work is to scope out a contract for completing work product over a period of time.

What I Don’t Offer

To ensure that I provide high-quality service to all of my clients, I do not offer:

  • By-the-hour service on small, one-off jobs
  • Rush jobs (less than 24-hour turnaround) outside the context of ongoing projects

Not sure which arrangement will work for your project(s)? Contact me at for a free 15-minute consultation to help you sort it out.