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NEXT CLASS: Monday, April 9 for 4 consecutive Mondays at 9:30 am Pacific

Get Clients Now!TM is a road-tested program to help independent professionals get more clients. My workshops and private coaching are geared especially for writers, creatives (designers, illustrators, artists, editors), and intellectual workers (scientists, technical consultants) who want to:

  • Get clients for an existing business
  • Launch a new freelance business
  • Expand into speaking, teaching, consulting, or editing

You will learn and apply an easy step-by-step format to:

  • Set a goal for getting new clients or new work with past clients
  • Identify where your current marketing system needs the most attention
  • Commit to targeted strategies and action steps that move you toward your goals
  • Get support from peers and one-to-one help from your GCN-licensed facilitator

Once learned, the system can be used repeatedly, any time you need to kickstart your marketing.

What People Say About the Program

Well, it was the most productive week I have had in months. One of my doctor appointments resulted in a referral to a consultation client. That brings my total income (all unplanned) to $900 for the week. I am filled with gratitude. – JoAnn Siebe, Consultant

GET CLIENTS NOW! Shows you all the proven ways of marketing one’s business, and helps you figure out which of these apply to you. It made clear to me exactly what I should be doing – no more guessing. – Karen Frishman, Marketing Consultant

I have seen a four-fold increase in business, have a pipeline that is overflowing, and a cadre of referral partners. I went from stuck and stymied to committed and cashing in because the G.C.N. program taught me how. – Kathy Sullivan, Web designer

What People Say about the Coach

Whether you need a skilled writer to work magic with words, or you want the brains of a Stanford Alumni doing some thinking for you, Barbara is the one. I am very grateful for our long-standing collaboration and friendship. Without Barbara’s urging and advice, I may not have made a career choice that has netted me hundreds of thousands of dollars, no kidding.

Greg Fleming, IT Consultant

Barbara was the first person brave enough to suggest to me that sending out résumés wasn’t going to serve my creativity or skills. She was the person who told me: ‘the more unique you are, the more valuable you are,’ and I believed her because she had the experience and the context to back that up. She dispelled a lot of myths about being a creative, successful person.

Our exploration of what I really wanted in terms of my career, in terms of my real value in the world, was like a weekly satori moment for me. Barbara told me stories that would drive home the electrifying possibilities when I was feeling very little hope. She offered concrete solutions that really evolved. I respect her skills, her intuition and her deft sense of humor when it comes to making a career change. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to build a more meaningful working life for themselves.

Miranda Culp, fiction writer/corporate content writer

Barbara gave a wonderful presentation on “Handling Negativity in the Workplace” for my women’s leadership class at Mills College. The ideas she shared with my students for measuring the “negativity quotient” in their offices were very helpful to them. Her thought-provoking questions and helpful suggestions for change enabled these students to use the ideas at work the very next day. After her presentation, I gave them an assignment to list ten ways to combat negativity at work. Not only were their written responses excellent, but they were confident enough to go back to the office and use many of the strategies they had listed.

Weeks after Barbara’s talk, my students continued to report how helpful they found the concepts she had taught them. These women managers worked in some high-stress environments — the U.S. Postal Service, BART, and AC Transit, to name a few. It was very gratifying to hear them tell how they had learned to recognize and turn around negative behavior. One student said, “I never realized what a problem the hoarding of information is in my office. Now that I know I can help people be more positive just by keeping them informed, we’re getting a lot more done.”

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Barbara as a trainer or consultant in any business, government or nonprofit environment.

C.J. Hayden, Creator of Get Clients Now

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