Denah A. Johnston

Barbara has an incredible talent to ask a series of seemingly conversational questions to get to the root of what it is you are trying to communicate and quickly turns around masterful copy. A pleasure to work with she is deeply concerned with consistency, attention to detail and your satisfaction with her work. Plus she’s… Read more »

Laura McArtor

“Barbara has been very helpful in connecting me with clients and collaborators and has recently brought me on board with a project she is managing for a non profit. I enjoy working with her because she sees the way design, technology, strategy and marketing can align. She’s always looking for ways to bring more efficiency… Read more »

John Arnopp

“I worked with Barbara at an online assessment company where she created a voice for entire lines of consumer content for ecommerce delivery. Her writing was clear, convincing, and authentic. She was also kind enough to read a draft manuscript of my book and offer numerous helpful suggestions which vastly improved the final product. Barbara… Read more »

Daniel O’Connell

Barbara has been an invaluable marketing resource to me. As an attorney, I trade on integrity and the written word, yet Barbara wrote a true-to-life bio of myself and my firm that even I could not write. She has the knowledge of marketing and human nature, and puts in the time to fully understand her… Read more »

Sean Malroy

“Barbara provides great work with minimal or even poor direction. She’s great at conducting her own research to generate quality content. Barbara works quickly and always hits her deadlines. Her writing is clear, concise, and customer friendly. Barbara is also easy to work with and always has a good attitude. For the type of work… Read more »

Adam Cornford

Barbara’s cool intelligence and quick grasp of the big picture were quickly apparent to me when we worked together on aspects of the New College website, whose Humanities School content I managed and mostly wrote. Since that time I’ve gained additional appreciation for her versatility and rapid uptake in IT, clean energy, and other areas… Read more »