Liz Steblay

Thank you so much for your help by writing most of our foundational content. Those concepts are so intertwined, I was overwhelmed at the thought of writing about them myself. You really helped us (especially me) get over a hump. Founder & Chief Advocate, Professional Independent Consultants of America

Reader testimonial

I want to thank you with my whole heart for your article on cats and patting them when they are eating. It is helping me save my cat’s life right now. We found our sweet, 6-year-old baby girl swallowed something, it is still stuck in her but luckily we got her to the vet with… Read more »

Tira McDonald

Barbara has worked on a couple of projects for me that were initially started with another writer. Barbara asked pertinent questions and made sure she understood the objectives of each project before she took on the assignments. The final products were vast improvements over the originals. Barbara makes herself available throughout the project and usually… Read more »

C.J. Hayden

Weeks after Barbara’s talk, my students continued to report how helpful they found the concepts she had taught them. These women managers worked in some high-stress environments — the U.S. Postal Service, BART, and AC Transit, to name a few. It was very gratifying to hear them tell how they had learned to recognize and… Read more »

Steve Silberman

“Barbara Saunders is an articulate observer and a lyrical, precise writer. The writing contribution that Ms. Saunders made to my book, published by Doubleday last year [1994], is one of the sharpest and wisest pieces of writing in the book, and I have singled out Ms. Saunders’ contribution several times when being interviewed by the… Read more »

Paul Glassner

“After each issue of Our Animals, Donna, a longtime, generous supporter and an avid, careful reader, sends me her article-by-article analysis. … She labeled [your piece] “Miracles Delivered Daily” as the “ultimate,” calling it “illuminating, motivational, with enough soft tugs to capture hearts and pocketbooks. … So I say: Thank you, Barbara!” Paul Glassner, Editor, Our Animals

Miranda Culp

“Barbara was the first person brave enough to suggest to me that sending out résumés wasn’t going to serve my creativity or skills. She was the person who told me: ‘the more unique you are, the more valuable you are,’ and I believed her because she had the experience and the context to back that… Read more »

Pamela Slim

You want people in your life who will help you to think in new, different, and more nuanced ways. My friend Barbara Saunders always has a unique perspective on my work and takes the time to offer detailed comments. (Incidentally, our podcast interview about how we misjudge introverts is one of my most popular.) Pamela Slim, New… Read more »

Gregory Fleming

Whether you need a skilled writer to work magic with words, or you want the brains of a Stanford Alumni doing some thinking for you, Barbara is the one. I am very grateful for our long-standing collaboration and friendship. Without Barbara’s urging and advice, I may not have made a career choice that has netted… Read more »

Mark McGee

Barbara proved invaluable as a high-end editor for my master thesis. She exceeded my expectations in her ability to understand the subject matter and speak to me in terms familiar to me. Her greatest contribution was guiding me through the process of getting my knowledge on paper in a format compelling for the target audience…. Read more »