Case Study

When I was hired, AdvisorTeam (subsequently absorbed into had just begun to turn a profit from its online version of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, a personality profiling instrument similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. These personality tests are popular with job seekers, career counselors, and professionals, so the company decided to develop a career-focused report to capitalize further… Read more »

Sierra Club Case Study

Almost every American has heard of the Sierra Club, the environmental organization founded by John Muir. The Sierra Club leads hikes for nature lovers, operates educational programs for schools and communities, and advocates for conservation. The Sierra Club is a 501(c)4 nonprofit that engages in political advocacy and therefore is not tax-exempt.  It has 65 chapters… Read more »

2nd Chance for Pets Case Study

2nd Chance for Pets has a multi-layered message to communicate. There are millions of homeless pets whose lives are in danger; 2nd Chance focuses on the plight of those who lose their homes because the owner has died. I wrote a short tagline that the nonprofit used on the home page, “If you find it hard to think… Read more »

Stanford Alumni Association Case Study

Assignment: Text for a visual display in the Stanford Alumni Association lobby, a tribute to long-term alumni volunteers. The marketing manager wrote: “Here are some of the blurbs written about volunteers in the past. They are all a little dry and boring, examples of what we are NOT looking for. We are really looking to create a personality… Read more »