Miranda Culp

“Barbara was the first person brave enough to suggest to me that sending out résumés wasn’t going to serve my creativity or skills. She was the person who told me: ‘the more unique you are, the more valuable you are,’ and I believed her because she had the experience and the context to back that up. She dispelled a lot of myths about being a creative, successful person. Our exploration of what I really wanted in terms of my career, in terms of my real value in the world, was like a weekly satori moment for me. Barbara told me stories that would drive home the electrifying possibilities when I was feeling very little hope. She offered concrete solutions that really evolved. I respect her skills, her intuition and her deft sense of humor when it comes to making a career change. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to build a more meaningful working life for themselves.”

Miranda Culp, fiction writer/corporate content writer

Pamela Slim

You want people in your life who will help you to think in new, different, and more nuanced ways. My friend Barbara Saunders always has a unique perspective on my work and takes the time to offer detailed comments.

(Incidentally, our podcast interview about how we misjudge introverts is one of my most popular.)

Pamela Slim, New York Times bestselling author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work: Finding the Thread that Ties Your Story Together.

Gregory Fleming

Whether you need a skilled writer to work magic with words, or you want the brains of a Stanford Alumni doing some thinking for you, Barbara is the one. I am very grateful for our long-standing collaboration and friendship. Without Barbara’s urging and advice, I may not have made a career choice that has netted me hundreds of thousands of dollars, no kidding.

Gregory Fleming, Senior Systems Engineer at Phoenix 2.0

Mark McGee

Barbara proved invaluable as a high-end editor for my master thesis. She exceeded my expectations in her ability to understand the subject matter and speak to me in terms familiar to me. Her greatest contribution was guiding me through the process of getting my knowledge on paper in a format compelling for the target audience. The working experience was a pleasure, and I am eager to work with Barbara again the next opportunity that arises.

Mark McGee
Enterprise Software Guru, Web/Mobile Commerce Expert, Agile Coach

Denah A. Johnston

Barbara has an incredible talent to ask a series of seemingly conversational questions to get to the root of what it is you are trying to communicate and quickly turns around masterful copy. A pleasure to work with she is deeply
concerned with consistency, attention to detail and your satisfaction with her work. Plus she’s great at coaching – I highly recommend her!

Denah A. Johnston
Executive Director, Film Professor, Filmmaker, Curator