Keep Up Those Amateur Efforts

by Jan 5, 2016Work and Life

You never know when or how something you “don’t really do seriously” will pay off.

A few years ago, I was writing for the San Francisco SPCA magazine. There was no money for photography, so I took my trusty digital point-and-shoot camera along on my reporting assignments. My editor published a photo and entered it into a contest. It won first prize.

Judges’ comments: “She captures the complex play of emotions in the cat’s face-wariness, trepidation, and ultimately, trust, with the result being that the image is indelibly printed on the viewer’s mind.”

Today the photo helps promote the cat claw clipping service of Feline Minds, a cat behavior consultancy that keeps cats in their homes and saves their lives.

Barbara Ruth Saunders is a writer, editor, and writing coach.