The Times Are A-Changin’

by Oct 8, 2015Work and Life

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend cast for sources for an article about interviewing for a job. I answered the call. I worked as a recruiter for a few years, and interviewing was one of my favorite parts of the job. She sent me a set of questions by email, I answered them, and voila, a few weeks later, the article appeared online in the jobs section of the The Telegraph (UK). The backstory is the fun part. The writer was my fourth-grade classmate; we reconnected on Facebook just a couple of years ago. The one unit I remember in detail from fourth grade was one about how The New York Times uses the front page layout to communicate the importance of each story, and how to fold the paper for comfortable and courteous reading during a crowded morning commute. Read Soozy G. Miller’s article featuring yours truly, or check out her book, ADHD to Honor Roll: How I Cured My Child’s ADHD Without Drugs (And You Can, Too!).  
Barbara Ruth Saunders is a writer, editor, and writing coach.