3 Ingredients for a Productive Day of Writing

Freelancers are frequently asked how we “discipline ourselves” to work away from the office. Discipline can be a challenge. The flip side – the office falls short three essential ingredients for actually getting things done:

1. Solitude – a physical space with a social barrier to entry, whether an office door, a private apartment, or a cafe populated by strangers
2. Physical movement – writing in 90% thinking, 10% typing. The 90% can be done while walking, running, or lifting weights rather than at a desk
3. Background bustle – espresso machines operating, the soundtrack from a movie playing in the next room, that soothing ambiance that makes you feel alive and not like a piece of machinery

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Candice L Davis

Just found your blog via Escape from Cubicle Nation. Ingredient #2 may just be my favorite. I get more ideas and clarity on problems while running than at almost any other time. On rare occasion, I’m able to allow myself to sit for an hour with complete silence. I tend to get clarity in that meditative time as well.

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