Writing Benefits-Centered Copy

I’ve adopted a quick new test for figuring out if I’m conveying benefits clearly.

A graduate school prof, lecturing on behaviorism, said, “There are only three primary reinforcers: food, air, and orgasm.” Everything else is a secondary reinforcer, learned by association.

I think there are really only three essential benefits:

  • Make or save money
  • Save time
  • Increase chance at happiness

A product or service should promise something no more than fairly obvious step away from one or more of those three.

  • “Dating coach who helps singles over 50 find love” = Increase chance at happiness
  • “Accelerated course of study” = Save time in getting the degree or certificate that will lead to making more money
  • “Proven corporate wellness program” = Make employees happier and healthier so company can make more money

Try it with your next marketing piece!

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