Down Time, Writer’s Friend or Writer’s Foe?

I am stranded in New York following the unfortunate choice of an airline that handled Blizzard 2010 with exceptional ineptness. So, it’s time to work on the site, make a blog post, and channel my frustrations into some poetry writing.

Writers tend to fantasize about having big chunks of time, especially in some lovely, isolated setting. The Hudson River Valley, where I am stuck right now, is famous for the bucolic art some of its former residents produced. So, why am I having such a difficult time taking advantage of this windfall?

Years ago, my career counselor told me that every client she’d had who had successfully completed a first book had done it while working a full time job. That was my situation when I wrote the book I published. The pressure was helpful. Rather than having to muster up discipline, I had to give myself objectives. Milestones to reach, daily or weekly goals, and the reminder that I’d have to pay back the advance worked wonders for motivation.

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