Copywriter, Consultant, or Coach – Which Should You Hire?

There was a time when solo professionals could get by with minimal collateral — a business card, a brochure, and perhaps an ad for the Yellow Pages. Now most people maintain Websites. People may chuck your business card, figuring they can find you on the Web. Not having a Web site may even make some… Read more »

Ivan Pavlov

  Enslow Publishers’ description: “Although Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov is best known for his experiments with dogs, which were key to the development of behaviorism, few realize that he actually won the 1904 Nobel Prize for his research on digestion. In this latest title in the GREAT MINDS OF SCIENCE series, author Barbara Saunders examines… Read more »

The Hard Work Begins

“If you’re not feeling overwhelmed, you’re not doing it right.” So says the teacher of the solo performance class I finally had the guts to sign up for. This has been a week spent, stumped, frustrated, and struggling — and loving it. I cringe when I hear people extolling the virtues of “hard work.” This… Read more »

Writers: Rules of Thumb Are Meant to Be Broken

Over and over, I see content professionals mock the old English teacher’s rule of thumb about not using the same word twice on the same page. I want to scream at my screen: “You’re both WRONG!” Those teachers, I gather, explained this rule as a way to give “color” or “interest” to your writing. It… Read more »

“Content Is King”

I’ve been looking for this for a long time and finally tracked it down: the text of Bill Gates’ 1996 essay, “Content Is King.” I have become increasingly irritated by the buzzword “content.” Gates’ words give me heart. He focuses, as one would expect, on commercial opportunity. What he does not do is erase the… Read more »


Miracles Delivered Daily by Barbara Saunders

Cutting the Clerical Handcuffs

Updating documents authored by others, I keep crashing into one of the worst aspects of Microsoft Word. That would be crashing — over code problems when pasting numbered lists, images, and text pulled from Web pages. So, Google Docs it is. Sometimes things don’t take, but they rarely crash the document and cause me to… Read more »