“Content Is King”

I’ve been looking for this for a long time and finally tracked it down: the text of Bill Gates’ 1996 essay, “Content Is King.” I have become increasingly irritated by the buzzword “content.” Gates’ words give me heart. He focuses, as one would expect, on commercial opportunity. What he does not do is erase the… Read more »


Miracles Delivered Daily by Barbara Saunders

Cutting the Clerical Handcuffs

Updating documents authored by others, I keep crashing into one of the worst aspects of Microsoft Word. That would be crashing — over code problems when pasting numbered lists, images, and text pulled from Web pages. So, Google Docs it is. Sometimes things don’t take, but they rarely crash the document and cause me to… Read more »

3 Principles for Reclaiming Work – A Labor Day Manifesto

3 Principles for Reclaiming Work “Work more and better,” Woody Guthrie allegedly commanded himself on the eve of 1942. More compelling than pursuing balance, simpler than following a passion, more self-determined than any quest for a satisfying “career.” Here are three principles for making your work your own: Your work is your work — whether… Read more »

Stephen King’s On Writing — Oh, the Horror!

Reading Stephen King’s On Writing leaves me at turns inspired and depressed. And no, it’s not the money or the fame! I am deep in the section where he talks about writing and language. His primary metaphor, a workman’s tool box. The earlier sections of the book describe King’s working class childhood, various dead end… Read more »

The Play’s the Thing

I visited my high school for the first time in eight years, this time to see students perform the ten-minute play I submitted for the school’s one-act festival.

“Permatemping”: Worst of All Worlds

I just learned the term “permatemping.” It refers to a worker hired through a temp agency or as a contractor but who works on an indefinite basis, often onsite, often on a W2, like an employee. It sounds to me like a losing proposition for the employee. You give up the advantages of temp, consulting,… Read more »

For High-Paying Writing Gigs: Choose the Right Customer

A writing advice site I visited suggested that informational writing (writing articles) doesn’t pay. The post was a plea for writers to avoid the temptation of writing for content mills. I agree that writing 500-word blog posts for $25 is no way to make a living. However any kind of writing can pay well provided… Read more »