Notes on Fictional Point of View

First First-person central Can disclose opinion, internal workings Objective tone or personality-centered tone First-person minor Observes the actions of the central character Less subjective, objective witness Authenticity, drama, close-ups, immediacy, intimacy Second Addresses “you” – not common, often experimental Third Third-person limited Equal view on all characters, unidentified author who’s not in the action Tells… Read more »

The Right Writer for the Job

I hear from writers all the time: “My title is ‘writer’ but it’s not really a writing job.” I’ve said it myself. I’ve also heard people who hire writers complain that the writers they hire want to phone it in, or think they’re too good for the client’s project. Any one of those perceptions is… Read more »

The Best Time to Start Is Now

A year ago, my neighbor overheard me talking about reading poetry at an open mic. “I write poetry,” he said. “I should go read sometime. I don’t have a working computer. I need to type up the poems.” “You don’t need to type them up to read,” I said. I told him about a few… Read more »

The Times Are A-Changin’

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend cast for sources for an article about interviewing for a job. I answered the call. I worked as a recruiter for a few years, and interviewing was one of my favorite parts of the job. She sent me a set of questions by email, I answered them, and voila, a… Read more »

Casting Pearls Before Swine Is Not a Career Move

The ad chirps from the top of the Facebook feed for a networking and referral group: “Great opportunity for a photo editor! Select the 5 best photos from the 15-20 we send, and provide light editing. Pay rate is $6 per edited photo. Each one should take about twenty minutes. You’ll earn $18 per hour.”… Read more »

Writing is a Process Not a Procedure

Here’s how I learned to compose a piece in high school: Write an outline Write a rough draft, beginning to end Write one or more additional complete drafts Edit Here’s how I actually write a piece: Write down some notes about the topic Start a draft Think about what I’m writing as I go about… Read more »

Freelance Writers: What’s On Your Plate?

A thought experiment: You have worked for ten years as a bartender in a restaurant. You’ve saved up some money and you decide to open your own restaurant. Instead of opening a cheap burger joint, a gourmet pizza parlor, or a sushi bar, you open a place called FOOD. FOOD serves whatever a customer wants…. Read more »

Notes: Tips for waxing autobiographic on the stage

Such simple tips, so much to master! * Resolution = the end; don’t get there too fast * Spend more time lost than found * Relive rather than say what happened. * Transformation – more immediate than literary * Chaos to form/meaning * Mine what’s close to the surface * Watching somebody discover things is… Read more »

Harvest Time: No-Regrets Remodeling

After two years, I see the fruits of my contribution to the revision of No-Regrets Remodeling, from Home Energy Magazine Publishers. No-Regrets Remodeling, Second Edition “will introduce you to the concepts of whole-home performance, energy auditing, energy rating, and how HVAC systems and other elements of a home work together. It will help you understand… Read more »