Casting Pearls Before Swine Is Not a Career Move

The ad chirps from the top of the Facebook feed for a networking and referral group: “Great opportunity for a photo editor! Select the 5 best photos from the 15-20 we send, and provide light editing. Pay rate is $6 per edited photo. Each one should take about twenty minutes. You’ll earn $18 per hour.”

Commentator #1 has questions: What does “light” editing mean? What kind of files are these? And so on.

Commentator #2 is blunter: $6 per piece is an insult.

Commentator #1 again: I was trying to be diplomatic.

Commentator #3: $6 is close enough to nothing that you may as well make your own images for no pay. Do it for love, do it for your art, do it for the rest of us who might want it. You need to make a living: Drive a truck, work retail, program computers – do something, anything, that pays decently. Editing these people’s photos for $6 leads nowhere.

Twenty-four hours later, the original post disappears without comment. Did the moderator remove the thread? Was the original poster shamed into removing it?