Notes: Tips for waxing autobiographic on the stage

Such simple tips, so much to master!

* Resolution = the end; don’t get there too fast
* Spend more time lost than found
* Relive rather than say what happened.
* Transformation – more immediate than literary
* Chaos to form/meaning
* Mine what’s close to the surface
* Watching somebody discover things is exciting
* What are the stakes?
* Connect with audience if character wants to connect as a driving emotional force
* Journey of thinking – external forces
* Give the interior journey, the through line of conflicted feelings and thoughts
* Give contradictory feelings full voice
* Hold still to let audience catch up after lines of emotional consequence; otherwise, stay about half a step ahead
* When performer feels connected, the audience does
* Do the expansive work first
* Look at micro segments and get digressive & immersed, record all of the connections
* How the mind works is as interesting as what the answer is – how one thought leads to the next
* Exercise: sketch in daily life to build the faculty of expansiveness. Luxuriate.

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