Your Words Matter

What is educational writing?

Educational writing communicates expertise to elicit learning.

It may be persuasive but is not intended to drive the people who consume it to specific actions. It is often entertaining but primarily fosters people’s understanding or development. Educational writing includes text meant for reading as well as scriptwriting and story development for audio and video.

Why invest in educational content?

  • Providing educational content builds trust because it equips readers to make choices on their own terms.
  • Readers seek out the material in pursuit of their self-determined goals.
  • Selling premium products and services requires that you educate customers or prospects.
  • Educating employees can increase their cooperation during times of organizational change.
  • Educational pieces get shared by your best clients with their best referrals.
  • Writing that teaches enables you to offer more value in less time.

Who needs to create educational content?

  • Professionals who provide a service that is difficult to explain.
  • Companies or organizations that offer complicated products, services, or ideas.
  • Educational businesses such as boot camps and academies.
  • Professional associations.
  • Anyone trying to encourage or support broad or long-term behavior change in customers, clients, employees, or the general public.

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